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Beauty & Freedom

Do you remember as a child, girls would add a wildflower to their hair and magically transform themselves into princesses. Perhaps you were one! Perhaps an instant smile appeared across your face, as soon as you tucked one of nature’s magical creations behind your ear. And perhaps you still do!

Adorning one’s hair with flowers is an age old practice steeped in tradition and meaning. The meaning varies from one culture to another often symbolizing  fertility, love and happiness. In modern times however, much has changed. For example, women like Frida Kahlo, used flowers as subtle rebellious hints of their identification with empowering movements and free-spiritedness.

In the spirt of women’s beauty and freedom I titled this piece “Wildflower“. It’s created for all the little girls and women who still tuck flowers behind their ears, living freely like wildflowers.

An Inside View of The Process

Often artists only share the final/finished product. However, I think it’s just as lovely to share some insider views on the process.

Like the majority of my work, this piece started off with a charcoal underpainting. From there I add in blocks of colour with pastel to form the base painting. Once the base painting is complete, I begin creating greater detail and making minor corrections to adjust lighting and form.

As part of my ‘corrections process’, I take a photo of the art piece and print it on a sheet of paper. On the copy, I use a pen to highlight areas that I wish to correct. In this photo, I have used a blue pen to highlight areas that require adjustment.

By identifying areas for correction on the printed copy, it allows me to feel more relaxed and avoid over working the actual art piece.

“Wildflowers can’t be controlled, and neither can the girl with a soul boundless as the sky, and a spirit as free and wild as the ocean.” – Melody Lee

From Me to You

Finally, with all of the corrections completed, I can call it complete! And here is the finished piece.

The harmony found between culture and nature has allowed me to create a piece which is sure to make your home feel like a slice of heaven.  This vibrant addition  is now available for purchase online! Give yourself the gift of art.


© Vanessa Turner
Pastel on Paper
16 x 12 inches
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