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Working on Multiple Art Pieces

Working on Multiple Art Pieces

Perhaps a lack of focus is exactly what you need! Could focusing on a single project versus multiple projects be hindering your artistic growth?

When I initially started painting, I would typically work on a single project from start to finish before commencing another. But eventually that changed and I now tend to have several art pieces on the go simultaneously. And here are the top 4 reasons I’ll never depart from this practice:

4 Advantages to Working on Multiple Art Pieces Simultaneously

Hobbyist to Professional - Woman Working on Multiple Paintings

Avoid Overworking & Racing Artwork

When working on multiple art pieces simultaneously, you will be less inclined to ‘overwork’ your artwork. Sometimes when we’re only working on a single piece, we feel so very invested in it. So, we tend to obsess on on it too much. We may spend too much time, fiddling with unnecessary details and fixing mistakes. This constant tweaking quickly leads to overworking an art piece. Having other ongoing art pieces allows us to distract ourselves. Each painting has its own character and therefore demands a slightly different approach. This change will allow you to take a break from the first painting so that when you come back to it, you do so with a ‘fresh view’.

Avoid Racing Through The Process

Working on a single piece at a time can also lead to rushed work. Sometimes you may find yourself trying to finish one painting simply to get on to the next. If you keep doing this, you won’t have the patience that is required for producing great work. Working on multiple art pieces simultaneously allows you to the freedom to devote whatever time you so choose to each piece while still maintaining a sound creativity practice.

Woman working on Multiple art pieces simultaneously

Fast Track Growth

When working on multiple art pieces simultaneously, we will tend to use/test the same materials and methods. As  a results, it gives us the opportunity to be more in tune with our processes and more deliberate with our technique. Ultimately, we experience greater growth.

Create a Cohesive Body of Work

By working on multiple art pieces simultaneously our style and artistic identity becomes more evident, leading to a more cohesive body of work. A cohesive body allows your work to be recognizable which is otherwise impossible if your portfolio is all over the map stylistically. Whether you’re looking to sell your work through galleries or directly to collectors, you want them to know that if they like your work, there is more available!


  • OMG!! Vanessa this is Divine Timing! I was kinda beating myself up for working on multiple creations at the same time…thinking that I needed more FOCUS!! Ugghhhh…That stinkn thinkn made me quit ALL projects for too long. SO NOW, I work on several piecs as inspired and then celebrate the completion of EVERY piece. Now I don’t get so stagnant or bored and I feel more inspired. Thank you siStar for this insight! It totally resonates with my creative spirit! Wishing you elevated levels of magical inspiration with epic results.

  • Wendy Marquis

    LOve this and I totally agree! I have had a chance since COVID to not teach and concentrate on my painting practice. Multiple projects also let you get some space from one project and have fresh eyes for another. I love hearing from you!

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