Welcome to the online home of Vanessa Turner

Vanessa Turner is a Bermudian artist and aspiring ‘creativity coach’ whose chosen mediums include pastel and charcoal. Vanessa also works full time as a structural engineer but art remains at the core of her heart and an integral part of her everyday life. Within her portfolio, you will find a vast array of botanicals, seascapes, still life, portrait and figurative works.

Vanessa aims to remain highly sensitive to the subtitles of light and shadow, ensuring that her work depicts intimate and vibrant reflections of the beauty found amongst people and the commonplace.

Art to Nurture & Empower

There’s nothing like owning an original piece of artwork. Art allows us to express their individuality, and to represent beliefs, feelings, convictions or philosophies in a social and visual manner. Art transforms and personalizes the places where we live evolving lifeless interiors into beautiful and invigorating environments. Find your special piece today, or commission your own piece!